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  • Dear Maria and Ralph

    Just a quick thank you for looking after Arnie, I know he was only there for a brief stay, but will definitely be bringing him again next time we go away.

    Thank you also for the advice, so nice to speak to a real expert.

    Kind regards

    The Wards.

  • Hi Maria/ Ralph

    We just wanted to say a BIG Thank you for looking after Woody and Blue while we were on holiday. They couldn't have been in better hands, and we were very impressed with the kennels when we dropped them off.

    The space that each dog has and how clean all the kennels were.

    It was very kind of you to allow us to look around, and it was lovely to see how happy all the other dogs were that were also on their holidays. We were able to go on holiday and not worry about our little boys.

    When we arrived home, we were greeted by 2 very Happy dogs.

    Thank you once again. The Sparkes Family.

  • Hi Maria,

    I would have sent this earlier but time ran away from me when I first got back from holiday.........

    Anyway, i wanted to send a note of huge thanks for looking after Florence the bulldog so well. She came back so very happy. In the past when she has gone to other places, she comes back a bit mental and highly strung followed by a bout of the miseries :(

    This time after staying with you for the first time, she came back settled, calm and happy. This is more than I had hoped for as she is a bit of a Mummy's girl (although I have a niggling feeling she soon turned traitor ;) )

    I would happily recommend you to anyone with a bulldog that is the love of their lives - as most bulldogs are to their owners I think. A bulldogs big personality deserves a loving family and a caring foster home whilst their family take a break !

    Thank you so very much ! Colleen (and Flo)

  • Hi Maria and Ralph,

    Thank you for your care of Oscar and Elsie. It is so reassuring to know that they are safe with you and that you are so unfazed by crazy bulldogs. Elsie ,of course, has been unbothered by the whole thing.
    Oscar stayed very close to me for a day or two but is very happy.

    We would like to thank you as our dogs are everything to us and it is clear they have had a lovely stay with you, they were very happy when we picked them up & have settled back at home no problem.

    Take care and see you in November.

  • Dear Ralph, Maria & everyone at Hillplace.
    This is a very special thank you from Betsie, George & Henri for looking after us so well.
    We would like to thank you as our dogs are everything to us and it is clear they have had a lovely stay with you, they were very happy when we picked them up & have settled back at home no problem.
    Thanks again Sam & Bob.
    P.s Next holidays we will have no hesitation in leaving our family of Bulldogs in your safe hands. Thanks again.

  • Hi Maria & Ralph,

    Sid has asked me to type this letter up, says with his big paws finding each letter on the keyboard can be tricky! Plus the last time he laid on my laptop he fell asleep.
    He just wanted to say he loves every second at Hillplace, though he does feel a little embarrassed when his mummy and daddy ring up Maria to find out how he is getting on. He keeps telling us he’s a big boy now and just wishes they would relax and chill out as he loves his home away from home. He can’t work out why people come to Crawley and then jet off abroad, surely this is the number 1 holiday destination in the UK...

    Sid says he can’t fault the Michelin star tasty meals of rabbit, pheasant, tripe and venison and loves the odd sausage in the evening.
    The accommodation is spotless and his bed is always clean and comfortable. He’s particularly pleased his snoring doesn’t wake the other bullies up and to date there have been no complaints!

    He did tell me to say sorry for not being the most forthcoming dog when it’s time to put his lead on, but once on he thoroughly enjoys his walks in the paddocks with the odd bit of chicken hunting, and along the lanes to take in the finest West Sussex has to offer.

    All in all you can forget the Ritz, Hillplace is the place for me!

    Lots of Love
    Sid, Owned by Andy & Elle

  • Dear Maria & Ralph

    Can't thank you enough for the love and care you give to Lola (and her sister Betty) during their holidays.

    As you know Lola is our baby and very precious to us and I can honestly say I will not be leaving her anywhere else but in your safe hands.

    It is so obvious that you care about all the dogs as if they were your own.

    You always 'put up' with my phone calls (sometimes daily!!!) and give me a full rundown of her day.
    I am certain we miss her so much more than she misses us!

    So to anyone looking for a superb caring environment to leave your dog there is no better place.
    See you again soon.

    Tracy, Steve, Harriet & Heidi Abbott (and Lola xxx)

  • Hi Maria & Ralph,

    Thank you for your really lovely email . Not only did it make me smile, it also reassured me that I had made the right decision to leave them with another family who love their dog's as much as we do.

    You have both looked after them as well as we would have done, and clearly spent time with them to know of their individual characters.

    I think they feel they have been in their own little holiday with you. In the future i will have no concerns regards asking you again to look after them for us. I would also like to let you know that the returned to us as happy as when we left them with you, that is a clear indication to me that they were happy to be there to.

    Thank you so much once again for caring for the girls.

    Regards Chris.
  • Dear Ralph & Maria,

    We know when we bring Spike to you he will be loved & cared for in the same way that he is at home.

    You both do a fantastic job at Hillplace the kennels are always spotless & the dogs all look very happy.

    Our daughter Amy hates sending the dog away when we go on holiday, but when he comes to you she doesn't cry !

    We all relax safe in the knowledge that Spike is also having his own little holiday.

    Mark, Jenny, Ben & Amy Wombwell.

  • Maria & Ralph

    When we thought about going on holiday, my stomach churned at the thought of leaving Bullet & Woody, but I need not of worried as the care that they both received while in your care was second to none.

    We were very pleased with how you took the time to listen about Bullet's conditions, and nothing seemed to much trouble.

    We would not hesitate in leaving the boys with you again.

    Simon & Jenny xx ( StandProud Bulldogs)

  • Our bulldog has stayed at Hillplace twicw already and loves it.

    Its like a home from home hes well looked after and loved.

    Simon and Tracy.

  • Well where to start really…

    Maria and Ralph are friendly warm and welcoming in everyway. Their knowledge, experience and love for bulldogs is apparent from the minute you arrive which is very comforting when you about to say goodbye for 2 weeks…

    On arrival we knew our little Princess Bully Pup “Ruby” would definitely be happy there as did Ruby as she immediately found a Horses Hoof to chew on! (We did not know this at the time, but this hoof would actually end up coming home with us 2 weeks later!!)

    We shall definitely be boarding Ruby with them again in the future, and with what’s on the menu, I may even check myself in too!

    Thank you Maria & Ralph

    Best wishes

    Natasha & David.

    22 Sep - 8th October 09

  • Ralph and Maria Taylor are wonderful hosts and a pleasure to deal with in their unique "Bulldog Holidays" adventure in their home at Crawley. They have owned and bred bulldogs for many years,and are always on hand for any questions and queries.

    We have had the oppurtunity to leave both of our bulldogs in the care of Ralph and Maria, especially the deliquent that we currenlty have ownership of (its a bulldog trait so im told !!! ) over the past several years.

    They run a superb kennel / holiday facility, and having such a great vast knowledge of Bulldogs and their needs is an absolute godsend, as those of us that are fortunate enough to own a bulldog, are aware of their needs at times.

    They cater to each indivuals requirements regarding, food, excersice, medication, sleeping with their favourite teddy, young or old your bulldog will become part of the Taylor household whilst you soak up the sun.

    Bulldog Holidays is in wonderful countryside settings and surroundings, and you can be assured that your bulldog is in safe hands. I would thoroughly recommend this service that they offer and i look forward to seeing/using this service again in the very near future.

    Keep up the excellant work and Thank you.

    Peter and Denise Whittle

  • Dear Maria and Ralph,

    Now that we are actually functioning back on GMT, we just wanted to say an enormous thank you for looking after Boysie. We cannot think of anywhere else that we would rather him stay or anyone that would supply him with the love and attention he received.

    He obviously had such a great time with you because after the initial excitable homecoming of running round each room, he promptly ignored us for 2 days! I almost felt jealous because you could tell he was quite 'miffed' at being dragged away from his holidays and the company of all of you.

    I have this morning seen the photo on your site, my he does look every bit the 'scatty special boy' that we know and love! Wishing you lots of luck with your house move.

    Regards and huge thanks

    Veronica and Barry Hebben.

  • Dear Maria and Ralph,

    Firstly I need to say a massive thank you for taking care of my baby for 2 weeks, as you know she is normally left with my mum when I go away. Until the family holiday was suggested! I don’t think I would have gone if you hadn’t come so highly recommended.

    From the moment I dropped Blossom off I could tell that she would be loved & looked after as well (even better) than I would. On the Sunday when I came to pick her up I was slightly upset to find that Blossom was not even that bothered to see me, she was more worried about looking in the food cupboard trying to prompt you to serve breakfast.

    I’m looking forward to booking my next holiday soon and I’m sure Blossom is looking forward to coming to you for her holidays.

    Thanks again

    Love Tyler & Danny xxx

  • Dear Maria and Ralph,

    We were more than a bit wary of leaving Stanley with people other than family because he is more than a dog to us – he is part of our family. But we need not have worried!

    Stanley clearly loved his time at Hillplace with all the other Bullys and was so well looked after and loved by Maria and Ralph. We would not hesitate in leaving him in their capable hands any time.

    They provided the best care and the most love to our boy and for that we are extremely grateful.

    Thank you!

    Mark and Leonie Pollock

    Southend, Essex

  • Dear Maria and Ralph,

    I just wanted to say how impressed i was with your lovely kennels and the cleanliness,how happy all the bullies looked and how comfortable i felt leaving Buster with you.On meeting you both it really came across how much you love all the dogs.

    Thank you very much for finding a space for Buster and i hope he is a good boy for you.

    Best Regards

    Simon Hayes

  • Dear Maria and Ralph,

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you to you both for looking after our babies Stanley and Nancy.

    As I'm sure you were aware, I was very dubious about boarding them as they were rather young, However I need not of worried as they clearly have been loved by you both, for all the time they spent with you. I remember them running away when i tried to get them in the car.

    They clearly had a wonderful time at Bully Heaven as you shall now be known in our house.

    It is evident, that you not only love your own dogs, but all that come into your care. Hillplace is a fantastic facility, with a truly personal service & I cant recommend you highly enough, and everyone who has puppies from me will be informed the only place to Board your Bully is Hillplace.

    Best wishes from all at Grandunion Bulldogs.

    James, Megan, Molly, Maisy, Poppy, Amelie, Gigi, Ruby, Stanley & Nancy, Oh & the Cats.....

  • Dear Maria and Ralph,

    Alfie loves his holidays with Ralph and Maria.

    They take excellent care of him and he usually comes back looking better than when he went.

    Alfie has epilepsy and requires daily medication which has never been a problem for them. We can go on holiday knowing he is in the best place possible and it feels like it`s not their business but a genuine passion for them.

    Alfie feels so at home he even broke into their bedroom one morning to get into bed with them !

  • Maria and Ralph

    I can't thank you enough for taking care of our Ralph while we were away. He has returned to us so happy and healthy and when we collected him it was so nice to see the affection he had for you both. Thank you too for the lovely picture you sent us, we really missed him and to know he was in such great care was a huge comfort.

    Thank you again and I'm sure we will see you again.

    Kind regards

    Clare and family

  • Maria and Ralph

    We just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you both very much for caring for our darling dexter while we were on our hols. he looked great when we collected him from you, he seemed happy and certainly looked well cared for.

    We would definitely like to use you again

    many thanks

    From the murphy family