New luxury kennels opening soon in 2018 please email for info and 2018 price
Daily Routine:
  • The day starts at 8.00

    All dogs are exercised daily unless their owners request otherwise (perhaps because of an injury where rest is required) then they will have access to their own run. The type and amount of exercise your dog gets varies, some of our dogs require quite hard road work, taken two at a time on alternate days they are walked for about 30 minutes around the rural lanes surrounding our property finishing with a very steep hill climb of about 400 metres.
    Others prefer to be turned out loose over our secure grass paddocks (the lucky ones may even find a chicken that has carelessly wandered into the exercise areas) some are content to amble loose around the garden and kennels while they are being cleaned out, all kennel runs and sleeping areas are disinfected daily and dogs are bedded down in baskets with clean blankets and quilts.
    11.00 is quiet time at Hillplace (while Maria has her second breakfast of the day) the dogs are brought back over to their bedrooms, shutters come down and a morning nap is welcomed.
    12.00 quiet time over the shutters are lifted and the dogs come out to sit with their neighbours and watch the goings on around the garden.

    13.00 the sound of feed bowls rattling around the kitchen starts the Hillplace girls singing for their dinners and its not long before the guests learn the song.

  • Diet:
    Hillplace feeds it's Bulldogs complete meal with tripe one day and then our local butchers made in the shop quality pet mince the next, this is all the offal and meat trimmings from a variety of meats supplied to us in 1kg frozen rolls.
    Local game is sourced and rabbit, pheasant and venison is also on the menu, a pheasant or a bunny doesn't go very far around the kennels but a few lumps of meat and the remains boiled to make a broth to soak the complete food is always appreciated.
    Puppies are also fed complete puppy food, local game is not on their menu but free range eggs are plentiful so to add as a treat scrambled eggs is, along with rice pudding and tinned tuna.
    Some owners dogs have special dietary requirements and have expressed a preference for their own food to be used, we are happy to feed your Bulldog on any food you may wish to supply for them during their stay.
    After dinner some dogs sneak back off to bed for a nap, some sunbathe in their runs and the more energetic return to the paddocks for some more chicken hunting and to watch the activities in the stable yard.

  • 16.00 Chickens are rounded up, horses are fed and anyone over the paddocks are bought over to their bedrooms.
    In the Summer months the hatches are left open until dusk and the first few bats start to dart around the garden, in Winter its hatches down, lights on, heaters on and radio on.
    22.00 all dogs are offered the opportunity to pop out for a wee and the hatches are left open for 10 minutes, all the kennel areas have outside lighting.
    22.10pm hatches are closed and its supper time.
    Some time ago Ralphy got into the habit of buying these bags of 20 sausages at the shops (a bargain at a £1 per bag) and as the ovens going on for our dinner anyway, we'll sling a bag of them in. Outdoor dogs get 2 each and those who live in get enough titbits around the kitchen already
    (Ch Hillplace Iron Lady declines sausages, she's to posh, prefers her meat still alive and flapping).
    22.30pm lights out and hopefully the sound of Bully snores as I quietly close the door.

    Veterinary care: Every care and attention will be paid to your dog while you are away, but in the unfortunate event that your dog falls ill or requires a vet then we reserve the right to seek treatment and the owner will be responsible for the bill.